To understand the History of Tennis Coaching in Australia, we must first review the history of tennis the game and the impact from the International arena.
The History of Tennis Coaching in Australia has been influenced from each of the States/Territories and other Tennis and Sports bodies.
Tennis Education has been developed over the years from Coaches, Players and Programs.
The HIStory and HERstory is a collection of experiences from Tennis Coaches in Australia.
Prior to 1951, Top Players shared their style with handwritten books and black and white videos (1910).
Today, the internet allows slow motion video analysis, statistics and gadgets on your smart phone.

Please contact Andrew Hill on or 044-7827788 with facts, stories and pictures/videos to add to this collection.

Overview - Timeline of Events
1951/11 First meeting White City Club.  NSWTPA - Association created
1953 Tennis Coach Code of Ethics produced
1956 TCA V - Professional Tennis Association Victoria was founded
1956 Association Badge designed by George Hugo
1958 Play More Tennis Committee established
1959 Association Blazer created through Mick Simmons retailer
1959 First Tennis Coaching manual produced
1960 The Lawn Tennis Professionals Association of Australia L.T.P.A.A formed. Head Office Sydney
1962 Tennis Video review of players to develop models of stroke play.
1963 Protest and Appeals Committee formed
1966 Association written Code of Ethics approved
1968 Little Masters Tournament created in White City
1968 Open Tennis review - Professional vs Amateur status 
1970 Radio 2KY - Tiger Black Sports Show - a weekly promotion of tennis generally.
1971 Mobile Tennis Coaching supported by the Rothmans Foundation 
1973 Royal Easter Show - promotion Stand
1973/10 First National Little Masters Tournament - Vic Assoc for LTPAA
1973 First standards Training Course Committee - W.W Gilmore, J.Musgrave, J.Parker, P.Musgrave
1974 NSWTA Council - attendance acceptance
1974 All trainee coaches should pass the Umpires Exam before becoming a Qualified Coach
1975 Tennis Coaching Clinic at White City prior to the NSW Championships
1975 Little Masters - Finals at the Hordern Pavilion. televised Channel 10
1976 LTPAA - President Bill Gilmore Secretary Jack Musgrave
1977 Lawn deleted from Title - TPAA
1978 TPAA NSW affiliated with NSWTA
1978 Coca Cola Sponsors Little Masters Tournament
1979 NSWTA allows Board position - Bill Gilmore as rep
1979 35 page Document presented to Federal Government - Associations Training Program for Tennis Coaches
1980 Slazenger Tennis Balls - branded tennis balls for the Association
1980 Lecturers and examiners now paid - previous volunteer
1980 Yellow Pages takes out block advert for Qualified Coaches
1981 Australian Sports Forum - Association delegate attended
1981 Tennis Coaches Seminar - Tangalooma Resort Queensland
1981 Australian Coaching Council - standardised course procedures for all sports. Levels 1,2 and 3 adopted.
1982 Trainee Coaches must attend Divisional schools as part of their Traineeship.
1983 Joint Certificate created - TPAA and TA presented to all coaches through out Australia.
1983 Association incorporated into a Company
1983 ACT Association approved by TPAA
1984 Trainee Log Book introduced
1985 Half page Advert in the Daily Mirror for Professional Coaches
1985 NSW TPA now incorporated
1986 Festival of Sydney Tennis Display in the Domain
1986 Video Library commenced for lectures and seminars
1986 First Level 3 Course held at the AIS Canberra
1987 First Level O Course conducted in Sydney
1989 Holiday Tennis Camps created to assist country areas
1989 Technical Committee created to standardise training course in all states
1989 Marrickville is NSW Office opened
1990 Display Tent at NSW Championships
1990 Gold Card suggested for all qualified coaches
1991 Change name to Tennis Professionals Association NSW Branch
1991 TPA Education committee 
1992 Darling Harbour - Tennis Display
1992 ACE Tennis introduction Andrew Hill Video
1993 Roche Racket resort Best Seminar
1993 NT TCA endorsed
1993 National Grading System - Different models to have one system for all grades - Andrew Hill Model
1994 Coach of the Year established - Brett Seagrott Nominated
1994 Fan Fest introduced at White City
1994 National Tennis Seminar - Melbourne 350 attended
1995 Appointment of NSW General Manager - Greame Wardrop
1996 Tennis Australia introduces National Junior Pointscore Changes
1996 TA & TCA National Coach of the Year - Peter Taylor
2008  Tennis Australia introduce Local Advisory Group for Coach representation at State and National Level. Proposed to TA by  Development Coach Peter Taylor
2008 -2011 Tennis Australia Coach Mentor introduced with Peter Taylor the proposer and one of 3 initial TA Coach Mentors
2020 - Coronavirus shutdown of Tennis in NSW