The first official meeting of any coaching body in WA occurred at Mr. Keith Holten’s office in the Perth CBD on July 18th 1957. Keith was a lawyer and elite player in Perth who also coached on week-ends at Nedlands Tennis Club. A highly respected gentleman the Holten family have had tennis ties in WA for many years. He became the first President of the Western Australian Lawn Tennis Professionals Association after this meeting which was chaired by the then President of the Western Australian Lawn Tennis Association (WALTA), Mr. Norm Wasley. A further meeting with WALTA in November of the same year formulated rules and procedures. Original members include Stan Edwards and Max Bonner (arguably the most famous coaches of the early tennis period in WA), Jim Patterson, Don Harris and Ron Hunt. (Tennis Coach at Claremont Tennis Club)

It appears that the meeting had been triggered by the formation of a similar association in NSW and the contacts some of the local coaches had with leading tennis identities in Sydney

For some reason things stagnated and it was around 4 years later that the association sprouted again with Keith Holten chairing meetings which now included younger coached who became powerhouse businesses in Perth (Arthur Marshall and Bruce and Margaret Robinson). Also involved was WA’s best ever player (Clive Wilderspin) and the association moved into a strong period commencing coach education, setting a code of ethics and establishing a powerful voice in WA tennis

At its peak in 2001 the TCAWA had 170 members. Life members include Arthur Marshall, Bruce Robinson, Clive Wilderspin (also a long-term Patron), Ian Walker, Pam Brand, Jeff King and Rob Casey.